Saturday, October 17, 2015

Drumbeats 2015 was the Best one Yet!!!

I want to personally thank everyone who came out to Drumbeats Through Time #12! Wow what a great day from beginning to end! The place was packed and for those who were there - they were given the chance to learn about how our fossil rich region came to be by Paul Krohn, and then there was the opportunity to see the leading authority on the archaeology of The Hopewell, Deeanne Wymer and see a site she has excavated that gave us an idea of what may have existed on top of our own Spanish Hill - which lead into my talk about Spanish Hill and the 400th anniversary of the first white explorer to Carantouan...and then we STILL HAD Native American Dancers who performed! WOW! It was awesome from beginning to end!

To all the volunteers, board members and members who took care of us throughout the day to Paul and Deeanne to the Buffalo Creek Dancers and ALL of the public who showed up and took part- I am blessed to know ALL OF YOU.  Thank you for making this day an incredible one and just maybe THE BEST DRUMBEATS YET😊😊😊😊

Friday, October 9, 2015

12th ANNUAL DRUMBEATS THROUGH TIME - Saturday October 17th

The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) located at 345 Broad Street, Waverly, NY invites you to celebrate the 400th anniversary of "Carantouan" - the first historic account of our region in 1615 by a young French explorer named Stephen Brule. His captivating story of Carantouan as well as the controversy that has followed will be one of the topics of discussion at SRAC's 12th Annual Drumbeats Through Time event scheduled from 1 - 5pm on Saturday October 17th.

The doors open for the public at 12:30 with speakers starting at 1pm in the SRAC lecture hall. The first speaker of the day will be Paul Krohn, who donated the largest NYS private collection of fossils which are now on exhibit at SRAC for the public to enjoy. Paul has been collecting fossils throughout New York State for most of his life and has extensive knowledge on the topic. His impressive resume of fossil work includes being a past curator at the Museum of the Earth.

The second speaker of the day will be Dr. Deeanne Wymer from Bloomsburg University who will be presenting her latest excavation and findings at The Snake Den Mound Complex. The site has provided new insights into the understanding of the Hopewell culture's usage of hilltop spaces, and Dr. Wymer will share her vast knowledge from work spanning decades on the topic in her usual creative and energetic style.

The third speaker of the day will be SRAC's cofounder and executive director, Deb Twigg presenting "Carantouan and Spanish Hill" in celebration of the 400 the anniversary of the first white explorer entering our region 5 years before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, in 1615. Twigg's article that was published in the peer reviewed archaeology journal, The Pennsylvania Archaeologist in 2005 places the nation of Carantouan (three villages) in the vicinity of Spanish Hill.

The event closes with the national award winning Seneca "Buffalo Creek Dancers" who will share their traditions and dances for the audience to enjoy. The event is free for the public to enjoy and is SRAC's annual celebration of the region's prehistoric and Native American past. To learn more visit .