Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Safe Harbor, PA vs Barnesville OH Petroglyphs

Today was just one of those days that was alot of fun...Some of you received an email from me with  an awesome picture of Spanish Hill looking particularly eerie this morning....

Before I stopped at SRAC - I stopped at the post office where a huge package was waiting for me from Wayne May at Ancient American magazine. He had agreed to send SRAC books for our gift shop (which are in addition to many new titles including historical picture books on the Chemung Valley, Tioga County, Sayre and the Valley,) and I was very surprised at the amount of books that he sent to us and what great titles they were!

Once I got all of these priced and on the shelves, our book collection area in the gift shop was overflowing!

By then, it was 1pm already and then it was time to redo the layout of our gift shop with MaryAnn Taylor and Tom Vallilee who are both board members and were scheduled to volunteer today. We have gotten so much extra inventory in the past few months that we really needed to reorganize the whole area and move the table that we all love to sit and visit farther towards the front counter to give us space to show our inventory better. By the end of the day we were all bushed but the gift shop looks just GREAT!

By 4:30pm  we were sitting around talking about things to include my latest research on Spanish Hill and during that conversation I went over to our gift shop book collection and picked up a book titled "Archaeology of Ohio 1896" by M. C. Read that we just received from Wayne May at Ancient American earlier today. I was looking for a copper spiral image but instead opened it up to this page of petroglyphs (ancient Native American art carved in stone) found near Barnesville, Ohio:

Those of you that read my latest article that was published in the SRAC Journal and Ancient American Magazine can appreciate what this is -as you can see it looks like we have more matches with those petroglyphs at Safe Harbor (shown below)

As those of you who read my article know, I found matches of many of the motifs in the Safe Harbor petroglyphs in mound shapes in Wisconsin - but with this book that we have now on sale at SRAC - I found yet more actual matching petroglyphs in Ohio as well!

Feet petroglyphs from both sites:

Petroglyphs from both sites showing "turkey tracks" beside a pointed line :

Petroglyphs from both sites showing motifs of buffalo tracks :

 Petroglyphs from both sites showing motifs of faces :

Lastly - I wanted to point out the two different styles of feet carved in the Barnesville Track Rock:

M.C.Read states, "This is the forefoot of the bear, with the outside toe distorted and set outward at right angles."

Anyway - it is now 9:30pm and I am finishing up my day...but I just couldn't relax until I finished this up to share with you! As I have said so many times - there is ALWAYS something going on at SRAC - so make sure to check in once in a while!

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