Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Saturday (11/19) is SRAC's Gold Refinery Fundraiser

As highlighted on Good Morning America, "The Gold Refinery" will host a fundraiser at the SRAC that will allow guests to walk away with instant cash for things that have any amount of gold silver or platinum while supporting SRAC at the same time.

 The Gold Refinery has been highlighted on:
The Gold Refinery is one of the largest direct refinery brokers in the nation and a fully licensed, family run business. They are America’s pioneer in professionally organized and operated gold parties and fundraisers. They currently operate nationwide and in Canada and are rapidly expanding as the price of gold maintains its historic highs. The Gold Refinery deals in such high volume that it allows them to purchase gold at higher prices than jewelry stores or pawn shops. All gold is shipped directly to the refiner, melted and sold to various investors and institutions. As the party host, SRAC will earn 10% of all gold purchased just for hosting, and you could be amazed at the money you can make from things that are laying around your house gathering dust!

Three ways you can take part in this fundraiser:

1.) Visit SRAC on November 19th with your items, and have one of the representatives analyze and assess them. Then you decide if you want to sell them for the price they offer. If you decide to sell them, you get the cash immediately! SRAC will automatically get 10% paid to us from the gold refinery just for you coming to our event and selling your item!

2.) Drop off your items at SRAC or send them to us in the mail and we will put them in a special envelope and have the Gold Refinery representatives assess your items and send you the cash! Again, SRAC will automatically get 10% paid to us from the gold refinery just for you coming to our event and selling your item!
3.) Donate your items to SRAC and WE will have the representatives assess and donate the cash directly to SRAC!

Let's face it, virtually everyone has unwanted silver, gold or platinum laying around their house that they no longer want. So don't wait - gather up it up and do something good for yourself and SRAC this year! It's a great way to make some extra cash AND support a community organization!

Thank you for taking part in this event in whatever way you choose!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call (607)727-3111 or email me!

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