Monday, November 14, 2011

Magazine with Spanish Hill Article Now Available at SRAC

The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center SRAC is reporting that they have received extra copies of the “Ancient American Magazine” which contains the latest research concerning the local site referred to as “Spanish Hill.” The author of the article is one of the co-founders of SRAC and local historian, Deb Twigg, who is considered to be the leading authority on the topic. 

Twigg explains, “The publisher of the magazine, Wayne May came to SRAC a few months ago from Wisconsin. Immediately I started to tell him about my interest in the mounds in Wisconsin and a theory that I have been researching about the culture that made them and how they could have been the same people who made the embankments on top of Spanish Hill. In the end, he asked me to write an article for him on my research and it was published in the latest volume this fall.” She continued, “The article is 6 pages long and includes a lot of great pictures and a page telling people about the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center and what we do every day with a total volunteer staff. To spread that news through a national magazine like this is pretty exciting for us.”

Ancient American Magazine is in its 18th year in publication and is concerned with the archaeology of the Americas before the time of Columbus.  Copies of the latest volume with the Spanish Hill article by Twigg are just $7.95 while supplies last. (Spanish Hill is private property, and trespassing is prohibited.)

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