Monday, November 21, 2011

SRAC Gold Refinery was a HUGE Success!

Debbie Menio from the Gold Refinery tests jewelry for participant Mary Perry-Rogers at Saturday's event
Last Saturday SRAC held their Gold Refinery Fundraiser and it was a great event for everyone who participated! We had 21 people come in and take part in the event and the Gold Refinery paid out $4,210 before the day was over!

Mary Beth came in twice!
SRAC made money in three different ways throughout the day - 1.) we made 10% on all sales throughout the day and bonuses for the amount of people that came to the event 2.) people donated items for SRAC to cash in, and 3.) many people were so excited with their cash that they donated money to us on their way out the door! In the end - SRAC made over $1,000 for the event and had a great time all day long! (This was on top of what the Gold Refinery paid out to the participants!)

Participants literally walked in with small bags of items and walked out with cash and it was great to watch them get so excited about it. Let's face it - this is one fundraiser that is good for everyone and the people who participate get something  (sometimes ALOT!) for taking part!

The event finished up with wine and cheese for the last few hours and we even got out some cards and many of us sat around playing cards for a few hours while they finished up assessing items. The steady flow of people through the door literally didn't stop until the event closed!

If you are involved in a nonprofit - I would strongly urge you to consider having this fundraiser event at your location. Email Debbie Menio at the Gold Refinery to get started today and tell her that you heard about it from SRAC and we get a cash reward for the referral!!

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