Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Christmas Basket at SRAC!

SRAC's Mary Keene stands next to the HUGE Family Christmas Basket!
With more that 40 items for mom and dad as well as for the kids, the Family Christmas Basket is worth a chance to win! With items donated together from the Red Door Thrift Store and SRAC, anyone could enjoy winning this prize for yourself if not for the ability to re gift many of the items in time for Christmas!

Chances to win the basket which is on display currently at SRAC are available at SRAC and the Red Door and are $1 per chance,$5 for 8 chances, or $10 for 20 chances. No purchase is necessary and all proceeds will benefit both the Red Door and SRAC equally. From bath towels to historical DVD's, Origami to toy trucks, and dolls to hurricane lanterns - there is alot to win and something for everyone!

Stop in SRAC between now and mid December and see for yourself why supporting two great nonprofit organizations in Waverly, NY can be a great way to spend your day!

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