Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JJ's Jigs Products now on Sale at SRAC!

"JJ's Jigs" now on Sale at SRAC
Whatever your soul's out there quietly casting to, let's just call this fishing thing what it really is:  Beautiful Magic!  Young, old, guy or girl - anyone who has ever gripped a rod has been in that collective joy known to those who fish.  This is precisely where JJ's Jigs shines!  At the end of each leader loop, tippet, or perfect cast, a notoriously selective mouth has to open up and suck down the dinner your putting in the water for them.  Time to serve up that gourmet supper, my friends, and JJ's Jigs has you covered with over fifty versions of "the secret sauce".

Our number one product is the legendary "Booger Jig".  Our very own version of the "hair jig".  What?  You have never heard of the "hair jig"?  It has only brought in more smallmouth, largemouth, striped bass, and walleye than any other artificial lure in history.  Yet somehow the hair jig has become terribly underrated since the introduction of affordable rubber and silicone dressings.  Only after that mean old cold front passes and the bass seem to all but disappear will anglers tie on the dependable hair jig from their "panic box".

Well, anglers from all over the U.S. and Canada have learned a thing or two from using JJ's Jigs when fishing for trophy gamefish.  JJ's Jigs are virtually ALWAYS better than what your normally using!  Yep!  It's true!  There's no need to wait for the fish to stop biting to throw a trusty JJ's Jig.  If the fish are biting decent on a rubber worm or soft-plastic creatures on a jig, then you can bet your boat that the bite is AWESOME on a JJ's Jig.  And when the fish are going crazy over everyone's rubber and soft-plastic stuff...  you can bet your momma's boat that you are in for the the TIME OF YOUR LIFE when you tie on a JJ's Jig!

We specialize in creating and fabricating the finest, most innovative jigs and flies available anywhere - BAR NONE!  Our sound philosophy with our handcrafted jigs and flies means this:  "We understand that you, the customer, should be 100% satisified with any product you receive from us...  Period!"  This is a store for anglers ran by anglers.  We have lengthy experience in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

At JJ's Jigs we don't offer our products for the sake of offering a variety or what is currently being pushed as "the lastest and greatest".  We offer jigs and flies that have proven themselves by passing the test of the most critical judges of all - THE FISH!  If you're planning on getting on the water to go after some prized gamefish, make sure you have a full selection of JJ's Jigs with you.  Then get ready to catch some fish!  With JJ's Jigs... YOU WILL!!