Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on the Woolly Mammoth Exhibit

Those of you that have been following the updates on the exhibit might recall that Tom Vallilee and Don Hunt were finishing up the overhead gridwork that will house the lighting over the murals and the storyboard.

In the meantime Frank Evans finished the trees and is working on the rock facing that will go on the front of our river system in front of all of the murals.

This past Saturday I was really glad to see my nephew Erik Franklin who came in - and got roped into helping me -- I have had a horrible cold with inner ear stuff going on to the point that being on a ladder was just asking for me to fall off...but work needed to be know the way things go...

From noon to 4pm, Erik and Sam Ayers worked to get the blue paper up to cover the gridwork that Tom and Don hung all last week...(Note also the black curtains that Maryann Taylor is sewing to hang from the ceiling all the way around the exhibit!- - )

But WAIT - - that was just SATURDAY!

Enter - our muralist Peter Quilles on Sunday - who made the blue paper continue into the land (and time) of the woolly mammoth...

The next week will include adding the lights and then the storyboard and Maryann will be finishing the curtains around the top...The storyboard will soon go on the top edge of the blue facing into the room and the lights will be hung in the clouds between the mural wall and the storyboard.

The final week will cause us to close the exhibit hall completely until the unveiling as we need to paint the floor and do some other final touches such as put the tusk, jaw and teeth in the case and choose the images to place the case with them from the exhibit, and so much more.

With all of this going on you'd think we'd be going crazy -- - but the truth is that we have a great bunch of talented people who know what needs to be done and will do it. Although we have a time-frame we need to finish in, we have planned and worked long enough together that we feel confident that we will see this through - and that we will all be glad that we were a part of this incredible experience and resulting exhibit that undoubtedly will be the talk of the region for generations to come.

While some would call this work...we call it an experience we will be proud to have been a part of for the rest of our lives.

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