Thursday, March 18, 2010

Even MORE Spring Lake Pictures!

This time we are previewing some of the photos that we had made from slides from the archaeologist that ran the excavation at Spring Lake, Dr. Stan Lantz. Special thanks to Stan for sending these great images to Ted just a week or so ago...Here's one of Dr. Lantz with the ten foot tusk ready to be moved. As many of you know this is the same tusk that was the highlight of the whole excavation and will be represented in our exhibit for generations to come.

Remember that ALL of the 200-some photos that we have pulled together from many sources will be on display on the big screen all night at SRAC at the Woolly Mammoth Exhibit Unveiling on April 3rd and dvd's with the collection of photos will be available. At that time we will be unveiling the huge exhibit that includes the Carnegie Museum perfect replicas made from the original ten foot tusk, jaw and teeth from the Jefferson mammoth excavated in 1983 at Spring Lake as well as two murals, kiosk with movies about the dig and our prehistory and so much more. Hope to see you there!

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