Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photos From Today

Today was a busy Sunday at SRAC - - and now that we are counting the weeks until the unveiling - I doubt that there will be a day that it won't be this way - The good news is that we all have become great friends and the exhibit will be an awesome illustration of great talents and minds coming together to create something very special...

Throughout this past week Tom Vallilee with the help of Sam Ayers and Don Hunt has been getting the structure built to support the backlighting and storyboard that will run around the top of the whole exhibit:

I stopped in one day at lunch and shot this picture of Sam sitting on top of the ladder helping Tom:

Today was the next shift of Craig and Rita Maurey, "Big Al" and Brian Denlinger. Craig and Rita are building the case for the tusk and jaw and so on - and in the picture below Brian is watching as they are cutting plexiglass for the case... Brian is the overall designer and coordinator among everyone to keep each separate job all jiving with the overall design we have for the whole exhibit...

Craig and Rita have been working for weeks now on this case and I can tell you that it is an amazing piece of craftsmanship that they have created and is just one example of how we at SRAC continue to be amazed at the talent that we have been blessed to have want to be a part of this Center and its successes.

Before we added the plexi- we decided to place the tusk in the case - - it wasn't long before I had second thoughts about this thought and we took it back did however give me a chance to see how the tusk will fit in the case - and it was perfect...

I want to thank the Maurey's and Big Al and Brian for stopping in and working so hard today ... with less than 30 days left before the unveiling - it is an awesome feeling knowing that Tom and all of you guys have us covered!

As you can see - - these are incredibly exciting times for us - - and although we will all need a long vacation after it is all finished, the excitement and fun continues as we keep working to make our unveiling date of April 3rd.

Oh - - by the way - EVERYONE that I named in this post are VOLUNTEERS. When you see them - give them a pat on the back for us!

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  1. There is a slight chance I can come in from Chicago for this. The exhibit section is really filling up now. I hope I can make it!