Friday, March 26, 2010

SRAC Exhibit Hall Closed Until Unveiling - and an UPDATE!

At the end of the day today, the SRAC Exhibit Hall will be closed until the Woolly Mammoth Exhibit unveiling on Saturday, April 3rd from 5-9pm. The finishing touches to include painting the floor to resemble walking along a river path and other things that need to have a no traffic area so you'll have to wait until the unveiling event to see the finished product! Trust me when I say that this will be the talk of the Valley!

This past fall, the Allen Pierce Foundation donated $5,000 to the Andaste Chapter of PA Archaeology to get perfect replicas made by Carnegie Museum from the original jaw and tusk of the Jefferson woolly mammoth excavated at Spring Lake in 1983 to be on display at SRAC for generations to come. The tusk and jaw will be part of a huge exhibit dedicated to the archaeological chapter and others who were a part of that dig as well as to educate our community about the woolly mammoths and what life was like in our region 12- 15 thousand years ago.

The exhibit is more than the artifacts themselves however and includes work done by a team of several artists on a massive project that was designed by Brian Denlinger of Denlinger Designs. The team includes muralist, Peter Quiles, construction lead, Tom Vallilee and 3D art specialist, Frank Evans as well as Craig and Rita Maurey of Creative Designs who built the display case that the mammoth remains will be housed in. The exhibit is many months of hard work and community support with most of all the work done by volunteers. I think the community will be amazed at what we have created, as it will allow visitors young and old to feel as if they have walked into the past as the exhibit will come out from the walls with trees, water, and rock ledges...

The unveiling event will begin on Saturday, April 3rd at 5pm with an opening ceremony to include a news reel from 1983 at the actual excavation, special guest, PA Representative Tina Pickett, and others that will lead up to the unveiling at 6pm. The public is invited to visit throughout this free event.

Event Agenda

5 - 6:15 - Opening Ceremony

6:15 - Unveiling of exhibit

- Ongoing raffles/basket raffles, food and refreshments, & pictures from the 1983 dig playing in lecture hall throughout the night. Raffle tickets can be purchased for any item starting at 1pm on Tuesday, March 30th at 1pm and will continue through the unveiling event.Winners need not be present to win.

Items include several incredible raffle baskets as well as this huge 30-inch stuffed woolly mammoth donated to us for this special event by! He sells for $59 regularly and can be yours for just one lucky $1 ticket!

Hal and Janet Lambert also donated a $95 milk chocolate easter bunny made from the finest chocolate in the region! They tell me it is nearly 4 pounds and is around 18 inches tall. Again, raffles begin on Tuesday!

7:30 pm - REPLAY: News Reel from 1983

8:30 pm - Raffle drawing winners announced

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