Sunday, February 20, 2011

Huge Pot Donated to SRAC

Dick Cowles, Don Hunt, Ron VanWinkle, Don VanWinkle, Ted Keir, Mark Madill

A larger than average Iroquoian pot is the latest artifact donated to the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) in Waverly, NY. The pot, described as “Richmond Incised Style” measures an impressive 18 inches deep while the rim which has 6 castellations measures 13 inches in diameter.

Rim of the pot showing one of the 6 castellations

The pot which is estimated to be over five hundred years old was donated to SRAC recently by Ron VanWinkle of Owego, NY. VanWinkle found the pot broken into many pieces and restored it in the early 1990’s; but because of the fragile nature of the pottery, the piece has been safely packed away in a closet for all these years. Recently he decided that the pot needed to be shared with the public and decided to donate it to SRAC.

SRAC’s executive director, Deb Twigg explains, “When Ron and his twin brother, Don came to SRAC with the pot, we were all amazed at the quality and the size of the piece, which is several times larger than any pots that we currently have on exhibit.” The pot was immediately placed on display in the SRAC Exhibit Hall and shares a space with other examples of pottery found in the region.

Ron and Don VanWinkle stand in front of their pot placed on exhibit in SRAC

Twigg added, “I cannot stress enough how substantial this donation is to our collection, and for our community. So many people who find things like this keep it out of the public eye or sell it for a lot of money. Instead Ron VanWinkle did the right thing and preserved this wonderful piece of our prehistoric past and in return the pot will be referred to as the “SRAC/Van Winkle Pot” for future generations to enjoy.” SRAC is dedicated to education, research and preservation of the region's archaeological and historical assets for the communities within the Twin Tier Region of Southeastern NY and Northeastern PA.


  1. Amazing piece of history. I can't wait to visit the SRAC next time I am in town.

  2. The pottery 'looks' to be older, maybe from Point Peninsula Tradition. Lovely piece, happy to see it displayed for the public's viewing.