Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I just wanted everyone to know that SRAC is working hard to try to get the Rosaire Bears Show back to Broad Street, Waverly this summer...For those that attended this amazing show - I know you will be excited to hear the news! For those that have not - - take a look at the photo gallery from 2009 (click here) - - - and cross your fingers that SRAC will be able to bring them back this summer!

Even more exciting is that the Waverly Business association is trying to get involved and are looking into the possibility of bringing in other things to downtown Waverly for that weekend and to make it a community event that will be full of fun for everyone of any age - let alone good for economic development of the Valley...

Things such as "Lions and Tigers and BEARS - OH MY!" are being thrown around as ideas and if you want to be involved - let me know! The more heads we can get working on this the better ! We will also need volunteers, vendors, entertainment, and well - just about anything you can think of - - even that it could be a VALLEY EVENT to begin to take the stage if we do it right! You know me folks! The sky is the limit - and it is good for everybody. So lets roll up our sleeves and start having some fun - - -and BEARS this summer!


To learn more about the Rosaire Family Circus watch the video below:

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!

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