Thursday, January 24, 2008

SRAC Workshop 1/26 - Painters Needed!

Painters and mailing stuffers will be greatly appreciated at our next workshop this Saturday from 10am - 2pm at our new Center at 345 Broad Street in Waverly.

Tom, Jack, Angelo, and Duane worked all week to get the rest of the dry wall up on the east wall of the building and we hope to have it ready for any and all that care to take rollers to them!

Meanwhile our hired painters will be finishing up the visitor center/gift shop area in the coming weeks and finishing up the large display window we had them put in. (door is closed in this image) - - Also - notice the new wall colors!

Mailing Stuffers:
We just got our newsletters back from the printer and they are AWESOME! But we also need to put inserts in them and get the mailing labels on them...come and sit and chat with us and help us get this tedious job done for the quarter so that we can get these out to our membership pronto!

Next BIG Job Ahead of Us:
We had the auction house come and get the stuff we wanted them to sell for us - so now we can begin taking down the last of the peg board ~~UGH~~ on the west wall and see what we have to face under it! The good news is that this is just about the last of the walls on our main floor that we need to worry about !

Other updates:
  • Inga has been trying to organize the supplies and cleaning up the messes we make as well as painting the office floor.
  • Inga is also working on the volunteer list for people who would like to volunteer to work in our museum, gift shop or even at our stop in this Saturday and talk to her if you are interested in helping us or call her days at 607-565-7960.
  • Claire Borits didn't have enough fun on last Saturday's workshop - so she came in ON SUNDAY and painted our bathroom!!
  • Dick Cowles and Tom Valilee are working on replacing our back door to meet code and should have that done by Saturday!
  • Tom Valilee, Jack Rowe, and Angelo and Duane Welles have put in ALOT of hours this week to work on things we needed to finish up - - thanks to each of you guys...I don't know what we'd do without you!
And if you cannot come and stay or whatever - that is fine too - - - stop in and have me show you around and have Mr. Ted Keir show you some of the collection he has set up for you to come and see!

Hope to see you this Saturday!

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