Sunday, January 27, 2008

1/27 Workshop "Packed"

You know you are getting alot done when someone asks "what's next?" at one of our workshops ~ and that is EXACTLY what happened this Saturday!

As you can imagine we have stages of development of each part of the building that we are working on and believe it or not, we finished all we had planned to get done until next week...granted that we couldn't paint the east wall because it needed one more coat of spackling and sanding which was completed, but that now will be moved to the agenda for this coming weekend's workshop.

Marti and Guy Abell, Jess Quinn, Jordan, and Dick Cowles all worked hard and got ALL of the rest of the peg board down on the west wall which looked like this just last weekend:

But now with the peg board down it is ready to spackle and paint:

Meanwhile, Tom, Jack and Angelo were working on the metal back door and getting it up to code with a panic bar etc.... We actually got a quote of $2,000 to get a brand new door installed, but we had one upstairs that was too big and Tom and the gang actually cut that one and the frame and made it work for our new back door....savings of $2,000!

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Marty Borko and Jeri Sanders sanded and spackled the west wall and I said, got it ready for next weekend, then Marty helped out at other tasks the rest of the day.

At the same time, Gloria Riegal and Marti Abell put inserts into our SRAC Journals and labeled as well as inserted rejoin letters for any members running out on their memberships, then put the postage on them and then Gloria ran them over to the post office! If you are a member - - you should be receiving yours any day! The Journal is now 18 pages, and will only be getting bigger and better!

Susan Fogel ran around and did errands for us all day long and I'll tell you there is nothing better than having someone who is willing to do all of that!

Later on, Jack Rowe and Jordan ran over to Betty Crosby's house and picked up an organ that she donated for our next auction fund raiser coming up in March!

We also had Ted Keir who brought in new artifacts and changed out what we had there in our front windows all last week for this week, and then made sure to spend time with everyone to teach them about what he had brought!

Visitors included John Borits, Sheila Campbell, Bob Varner, and Anne Meikle~who is going to be one of our volunteers in our gift shop as well at some of our events when she can!

When I came home last night my head was swirling and then I got the email about our bathroom grant request to the Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation. We were notified that we did not get the grant.

This morning I called all of the board members and we switched to Plan B - That is we are going to scale down the project and move ahead with it on our own....

Hey - when you have the people who are willing to help you like we have and know how blessed we are to accomplished all we have....I guess I just don't know enough to see anything as a negative....

Call me ignorant if you like, but I'll tell you that if you spend anytime around SRAC - nothing is.

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