Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Since showing the local collector's faced rock last week, I have been thinking about all of the artifacts that we know of that have faces on them, and thought you might like to see a handful of what I am talking about. I must also add that I have been asked why I do not say what these things are - and I have to tell you it is because I do not know - and the reason for my posting these is for anyone around the country to give us an insight if possible.

If you are as interested as me to see what explanations we may get, just check back to look at the comments!

Other than the Bath, NY rock - all others were found within a 15 mile radius of Spanish Hill and Waverly, NY, and are parts of several collections in the area.

First - recall the faced rock I posted last week:

This reminded me of a couple that I know of. The first was an image of a rock from the Bath, NY area. The person that sent me this image below said they had found several from the same site up there:

But a better example I think is a faced rock that was found here locally (Sheshequin, PA area) by a field walker and is shown below:

But faces do not just show up on rocks in our local archaeology, they actually show up on just about anything - as is shown on this pipe that was made from a deer toe bone:

Of course we have faces on clay pipes as well:

and another...

We also have artifacts in our area that have faces incised into pottery rims:

And we also have other carved faces that I don't even know how to categorize!

This one is made of a steatite like material and if you look at the mouth, has a feature that one person claims is two birds facing opposite ways...any thought on that would be greatly appreciated. It was found at the base of the hill about 30 years ago.

This pecked rock art piece was found in the riverbank just noth of Spanish Hill.

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