Saturday, January 19, 2008

1/19 Workshop a HUGE Success!

As you now - SRAC has scheduled workshops for every Saturday from 10 am - 2pm...

Next weekend will be mostly painting and spackling, cleaning, and misc small construction work...

Hey it sounds like more fun ahead and YOU are invited join in it!!!

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Today we had around 15 people at the workshop and I must say that we accomplished quite a bit!

Helpers Throughout the Day:
Jeff Terwilliger and Jess and Joe Quinn took a load of garbage to the dump and separated out metal to send for scrap and that will all be gone on Monday.

Inga Welles started storing alot of the materials we now made storage for in the back area and helped move stuff and get the furniture ready for the auction house.

Jess and Joe Quinn, (shown below) "cousin Luke," Marty Borko also moved the rest of the tables and desks upstairs and I am glad to report that we are finished moving furniture now for a while...


Mary Vanschaik and Claire Borits spent the day cleaning and painting the upstairs office, and Claire has volunteered to come in tomorrow to paint the bathroom!

Tom Vallilee, Jack Rowe, Angelo, and some other friends worked on more of the east wall (future museum wall) that we are framing and dry walling, and Tom also worked on some other construction projects that we needed to get done.

Meanwhile, Ted Keir had three tables filled with artifacts and photos for everyone to stop and look at all day long, he also helped with some small construction things, and even bought and delivered pizza for us all at the end of the day!

Below is a picture before setup of Ted's table space set up in front of our large front windows:

Donations for the Auction
We also had Mary Vanschaik, Jack Rowe and Beryl Cleary donate items for the SRAC auction sale on Tuesday.

For any of you that cannot make a drop off before Tuesday - - please just drop the items off any Saturday between 10 and 2 between now and mid March when we will do a "Spring Cleaning" drive for another sale to raise funds through auction.

Thanks to ALL Who Helped Today!
Thanks to all that worked so hard today!

I want to extra specially thank Tom Vallilee for not only working today - but working most every day at the building for the last few weeks...

Tom we would be lost without you my friend!

Other Updates:
We had the ceiling painted for the Visitor Center/ Gift Shop area, and the painters have respackled the west wall up front one more time before the final coat of paint goes on. All the walls on the east wall have been repaired, drywalled and spackled, and just need the paint added.

We also cut out the area to the west of our entrance and put in a huge plexiglass window and a door on the inside for us to be able to post the Calendar of Events and posters for all of the "happenings" for the Center throughout each month. We are working on the lighting for this aea right now.

As you can see it is VERY large and we wanted it this way so that people driving by would be able to see it.

So Where Do We Stand 1 Month and 1 Week Since We Bought the Building?
As it stands, if we get the grant for the public restrooms I really believe that we will be able to open our doors by the end of March...We would just need to get flooring and that is all we have outstanding!

Put us in your prayers and stay tuned as I will know about the grant sometime this coming week.


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