Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spanish Hill - The Sites, by Deb Twigg April 5th

SRAC - a Unique Experience -

Spanish Hill - The Sites
Tue, April 5, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
SRAC - 345 Broad Street Waverly, NY (map)

SRAC's Deb Twigg will present a never before seen presentation on the three archaeological sites found at Spanish Hill - and what was found there. Loaded with never before seen images and illustrations from local archaeologist Ellsworth Cowles.

The mystery of Spanish Hill has continued in the Valley for every generation since the white men have arrived here. After researching the site for several years Deb Twigg created a website, SpanishHill.com in 2003 and was published on the topic in Pennsylvania Archaeologist journal in 2005. Once a year, Twigg continues to present the information that she has gathered about the hill in a lively and informative discussion for the public to understand everything that she has learned over the years.

SRAC will also have many artifacts found at Spanish Hill that will be discussed and invite the public to bring artifacts that they have found at this site over generations as well. Most impressive will be a BRAND NEW exhibit unveiled at this event - a blue slate amulet with incredible art carved into it - to include a wolf
- making this presentation is a MUST SEE by anyone with interest in Spanish Hill.

Part of the blue amulet that will be unveiled at SRAC on April 5th

General admission is $6 with SRAC and students $4. This admission donation also includes a free entrance to the SRAC exhibit hall.


Sat, April 30, 2pm – 3pm

SRAC - 345 Broad Street, Waverly, NY map

National renowned author, archaeologist and rock art specialist, Ed Lenik will be at SRAC on April 30th to discuss rock art found along the Susquehanna River.

In the last half of the nineteenth century, petroglyphs were discovered on several small islands within the lower Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Three petroglyph sites occur near Safe Harbor in Lancaster County: one on Walnut Island upriver from the Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Dam, a second group on Cresswell Rock a mile and one-half up river from Walnut Island, and a third group on Big and Little Indian Rocks and other smaller rocks below the dam. In Maryland about three miles below the Pennsylvania state line, the Bald Friar petroglyphs were located on several small islands in the river. Three distinct styles of images occur within these sites.

The Walnut Island, Cresswell Rock and Bald Friar petroglyph sites are now submerged under lakes created by the Safe Harbor and Conowingo Hydroelectric Dams. The petroglyphs below Safe Harbor Dam are extant. Beginning in the 1860s and continuing into the twentieth century several efforts were made by several researchers to record the glyphs and salvage specimens of the carvings. This presentation will illustrate the various images at these four sites, trace their history and suggest an interpretation of the origin and meaning.

General admission is $6 with SRAC and students $4. This admission donation also includes a free entrance to the SRAC exhibit hall.

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