Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Limited Edition Book Offer!

Today I received an email from Ron and Kris Wenning of Wennawoods Publishing, from Lewisburg, PA who have been members of SRAC since we began. They have also supplied us with books for us to sell in the SRAC gift shop since we have opened our doors. However, when they contacted me recently, they were concerned with the current economic situation and how we could inspire people to donate to our cause. As a result, they offered this donation of books as a way to reward those individuals who support SRAC and we are offering these limited edition hard cover books to anyone who donates $100 or more to SRAC! Each title is limited to 1,000 copies and each is numbered for authenticity.

But Hurry! SRAC will only get 15 each of the following limited edition titles and they will go on a first come first serve basis while supplies last! The descriptions of each book are below! If you would like to donate online, use the following drop down to select the book to be mailed to you and click Pay Now - it's that simple! (You can also visit SRAC or use the SRAC Giving Campaign and form that you will be receiving soon in the mail)

Book Choice:

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"SELECTED MANUSCRIPTS OF GENERAL JOHN S. CLARK RELATING TO THE ABORIGINAL HISTORY OF THE SUSQUEHANNA" edited by Louise Welles MurrayThe 17th and 18th Century of the Native Tribes that inhabited the land in and around the Susquehanna River region is a subject hard to find. Even harder to find is accurate information about those places in time. Luckily, a lifetime of research by noted 19th Century archaeologist and student of Susquehanna River Indian history General John S. Clark is the perfect resource for students of Pennsylvania Indian history searching for this information. Originally $39.95.

"History of Brule's Discoveries & Explorations 1610-1626" by Consul Willshire Butterfield - Published in 1898, the book traces the course of Etienne (Stephen) Brule’s 17th century travels, from his arrival in North America with Champlain in 1608, to his untimely death in 1626 when he was killed and eaten by the Indians. We know what 18th century life was like on the Eastern Frontier, this book now gives us rare glimpses into the fascinating early pre-contact Indian history of the East, 150 years before the start of the F & I War. Come back in time and rediscover the early 17th century Beautiful hardback 216pp limited edition book (1,000 copies) with illustrations and 50+ page note appendix and index.Originally $29.95

Chief Logan: An Anthology, by Franklin B. Sawvel, Brantz and Ron Wenning
Chief Logan was one of the most enigmatic Indians of his time. The son of a great Iroquoian chief, Jefferson would call him the greatest orator of the 18th century. And yet this once great, kind and gentle friend of whites and spiritual leader of his people would see his life spiral downward; committing him to wander his remaining years on the frontier a tortured and broken man. 3 Books in 1 Chief Logan: An Anthology includes Logan the Mingo by Franklin B. Sawvel; Tah-Gah-Jute: Or Logan and Captain Michael Cresap by Brantz: and Chief Logan: Friend, Foe or Fiction by Ron Wenning. Originally $34.95.

"The Pennsylvania and New York Frontier: History From 1720 to the Close of the Revolution" by William Brewster- If you want to know about the 18th century on the Pennsylvania and New York Frontier, you will come away with a better understanding of the events and players of the time period; and if you take pleasure in reading a well-written book, you will enjoy reading The Pennsylvania and New York Frontier: History from 1720 to the Close of the Revolution. This 237page hard cover book comes complete with extensive footnotes pulled from primary sources and listed at the end of each chapter. This book usually sells for $39.95

On the Frontier With Colonel Antes By Edwin McMinn
On the point of a high bluff, just below the mouth af Antes Creek, Col. Antes built a stockade in 1776 that was frequently occupied by settlers for their safety on the frontier. McMinn enlightens the reader with a valuable history of American Colonial frontier settlements in this true story of a Revolutionary War Pennsylvania militia commander and his pioneer family on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. 514 pages. Original price: 29.95

Diplomacy and Indian Gifts: The French-English Rivalry for Indian Loyalties during the French & Indian War Years 1748-1763 by Wilbur R. Jacobs
It seems only once in a lifetime that a book comes along that really unlocks many of the mysteries of a subject you have been studying for as long as you can remember. Diplomacy and Indian Gifts is just such a book! Original Price $29.95

Forts on the Pennsylvania Frontier 1753-1758 by William A. Hunter
Seldom does a book come along with the appeal and interest a Forts of the Pennsylvania Frontier 1753-1758. With Pennsylvania’s Provincial Quaker controlled pacifist government slow to react to the mounting tension from Indian attacks and the on going French and Indian War on its wilderness borders, pressure was growing from frontier settler’s for protection on Pennsylvania’s western borders. 596 pages with 12 blank pages in the back of the book for notes.Original price: 49.95.

We will also be giving donors who donate $250 or more a book of their choice AND "The Sachem" poster by Geoff Harding. (Originally $95.00!) These prints are a beautiful work of art! The first donor at this level will get a limited edition A/P print signed by the artist with a clay pot remarque!

I want to personally thank Ron and Kris Wenning for their support - It is people like you that inspire us all!

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