Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mammoth Exhibit Underway

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the exhibit that will house the woolly mammoth tusk, jaw, and teeth as the result of the grant received by the Andaste Chapter of Pa Archaeology to acquire these full size pieces and place them in SRAC for the surrounding communities to enjoy.

The exhibit is a 4 man project led by our good friend Brian Denlinger of Denlinger Designs who will keep the muralist, Peter Quiles, construction lead, Tom Vallilee and 3D art specialist, Frank Evans all in sync throughout the project. I think the community will be amoazed at what we have planned, as it will allow visitors yound and old to feel as if they have walked into the past as the exhibit will come out from the walls with trees, water, and rock ledges...

The first mural was underway today - which is on the east face wall and is 13 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It will show our beautiful rolling hills but with woolly mammoths on a winding path and coming down to a watering hole which will be in the foreground. This is the first layer of paint layed on the wall just today for this mural:

In the meantime, Tom is working on the other wall dry walling it for the next mural to be created which will be of the rivers and an ancient fishermen (or women) looking off into the distance...This mural will have part of the river running in front of it with a birch bark canoe drug up on the bank and other stone artifacts spanning thousands of years will be seen here and there along the ancient waterway, just as we know they have been found over the centuries.

The truth is that the Susquehanna River is the biggest reason for so much of what we have....our prehistory, history, our rich heritage, abundant archaeology, and our Center.

We are so very excited to create this exhibit and I hope that you are as well! You can stop in SRAC during our business hours and ask about our latest stages of the exhibit, we'd be glad to show you!

If you would like to donate towards this incredible exhibit that will be a huge addition to our Center and our community, send your donations to:

SRAC Woolly Mammoth Exhibit
PO Box 12
Sayre, PA 18840

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