Thursday, October 8, 2009

Denlinger Design.

I wanted to take a minute or two and discuss one of the most important friends that SRAC has had over the years, and that is Brian Denlinger of Denlinger Design. In just a week or two, the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center will again show off yet another product of Brian’s artwork – on the front of our building. It has been several months since I went to Brian and asked him to design signage for the outside of our Center, and again he has gone above and beyond what I thought we would get.

Instead of just doing a sign like every other sign in downtown Waverly, NY, Brian thought about who SRAC is and came up with a design and material thafit our brand and works with the exteriof our building as well. He also knewthat we are very active on the internet and also had us add the URL for our website aswell. The result is a wooden sign that is 9 feet by 4 feet in wood that was sandblasted give it a hand carved feeling that gives people the information both in design and text that we want them to know. Here is a picture of the unfinished sign at this point –

Another piece that Denlinger Design produced for us recently that I am sure you must have seen this summer is our “Bears on Broad Street” posters. These posters became so popular that they are collector items in the community!

And yet another piece that you may or may not remember that was created by Denlinger Design was the huge mural that resides in the SRAC Exhibit Hall. Brian digitally reowrked a pen drawing by Ellsworth Cowles in 1933 and added colorization, then enlarged it and added a text area. In the end, he had it all printed in vinyl panels to make the mural that you see today.

The next piece that Brian is working on with SRAC is a massive exhibit that will house a ten foot wooly mammoth tusk, jaw and teeth and include two murals, 3d rivers, ledges, and even a waterfall. This exhibit will span 50 feet of our museum floor! Stay Tuned!

Truth is - I actually am lucky enough to work with Brian in my day job at Guthrie Health and this ishow he came to ask him to do some things for SRAC. Because of this – I have seen first hand his professionalism and respect that he has gained for his work beyond SRAC. From print materials, billboards, photography, video, and even web design work, Brian is the best I have seen at what he does.

But even more than the pieces that Brian and Denlinger Design has produced, it has been HOW it was produced. Brian is just one of those guys that listens to his customers and iswilling to work with them in a way that makes them feel very proud of what they comup with TOGETHER. Unlike other artists that I have worked with Brian explains his reasoning for elements of his work, but is willing to change things and work with you so that you never feel like the end product is what someone else came up with…you are involved every step of the way. Because of that, I wanted to share my highest regard for the work that Brian Denlinger has done for SRAC over the years.

I can tell you that there is nothing better than working with a professional like him when you are a company that insists that you are represented in the public at a high standard everytime.

To see more of Brian’s work or to learn more about Denlinger Design, visit

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