Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Come & See the SRAC Mammoth!

If you come to SRAC at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY these days, you will be met by our new large friend...NO! NOT Beryl! The Woolly Mammoth!

We just had this painting added to our gift shop today and from now on it will be the first thing that you will see when you walk through our doors. This was created by our friend, R. Wilson who came in one day and learned about our getting the woolly mammoth tusk and teeth and jaw from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum this winter and simply said we needed a woolly mammoth out in the gift shop to greet visitors as they entered the Center..That was just a few weeks ago!

Even more impressive, we gave Mr. Wilson the size of the woolly mammoth that we were getting the remains replicated from that the Andaste Chapter of PA Archaeology helped excavate back in 1983, and he drew it to scale! Unfortunately, our ceilings are only 14 feet high...which would have been at the shoulders of our woolly mammoth, so we are going to let everyone know that this painting is of the runt of the litter...

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I told Ted that we better make sure that we don't get flies in the gift shop because the kids will all have their mouths wide open when they come in!

I dare you to not be awed on your next visit as well!

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