Saturday, August 8, 2009

FEED THE BEARS! (and help a great cause!)

On Saturday, August 22nd the community is asked to feed the bears at SRAC in downtown Waverly, NY, literally.

SRAC will close down the street next to their Center at 345 Broad Street, Waverly, NY for a fifty foot double fenced cage to be setup for the "Rosaire's Bears Show." The show includes five live bears and their trainers who will both entertain and teach the public about these wonderful gentle giants of the wilderness. The show times are noon, 2, and 4pm, and it already looks like all three shows will be well attended, so we have made advance ticket sales available at SRAC Tuesdays Fridays from 1-5pm, and Saturdays from 11-4pm.

The event was planned after SRAC's I saw the Rosaires perform recently at the Tioga County Fair and immediately asked Derrick Rosaire if there was a week they had open during the Fair season to come to SRAC. Luckily, a date was found and the agreement was made. After talking with Derrick Rosaire, I realized how much it took for him to care for these bears that he literally saved from death. The expenses are astronomical, and I asked if SRAC could put forth an effort to try to get food for the bears...I figured it was the least we could do after asking them to change their travel plans just to come to Waverly.

As a result, SRAC is asking that the community donate dog biscuits and dry dog food at their Center for the bears, and to also bring lettuce, bread, and tree fruits such as apples etc on the day of the event. All donations will be for the Rosaire's to take with them to be used for bear food. Finding fresh root vegetables and fruit must be a very hard endeavor when you are trying to get to different fairs throughout the Northeast, and I look forward to showing the Rosaire's that our community is awesome when it comes to supporting efforts such as this!

SRAC is open to receive food donations Tuesdays through Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays 11-4pm. Advance tickets for the event can also be purchased during these times as well.

To learn more about the Rosaire's Bears Show, visit:

To watch the movie trailer on the Rosaire Family's nine generations of animal recsue and training - visit:

Real Life "Grizzly Adams," Derrick Rosaire and one of his bear friends.

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  1. What is the cost per ticket to attend this?

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