Sunday, August 9, 2009

Circus Rosaire - The Movie

Many of you have heard about the "Rosaire Bear Show" coming to SRAC in downtown Waverly, NY on August 22 with show times at noon, 2, and 4 pm...

Many of you might also not know that Derrick, his boys and the rest of the Rosaire family will be starring in a television show to be aired this fall that was filmed in March for the Discovery Channel.

But until now we have not really advertised the fact that we also have added the opportunity for you to see the full length movie that is currently being screened (and has won several awards) concerning the family Rosaire and the nine generations of animal rescue and training that they have together.

Here is the movie trailer for the film (below) that we have been given the approval to give a very exclusive screening to be held at SRAC on the day of the bears show. The full movie is an hour and a half long and there will be limited seating for this one time showing at 6:30 pm in the SRAC lecture hall on August 22nd. Derrick Rosaire and his sons will be on hand after the movie to answer questions and to raffle off one movie poster for this heartwarming and inspiring movie.

How can you attend this full length film screening? Stay tuned!

SRAC's Objective #8 -
By all of the above to further the great respect for nature inclusive of all its creatures, as illustrated in the lives of those who were the original inhabitants of the Twin Tier Region. With the conviction that S.R.A.C.'s program of activity heightens the values of environmental preservation to its present occupants.

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