Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Than One Catastrophic Event 13,000 Years Ago

As many of you know, I have been following the recent reports that a new theory has come out about a catastrophic event that occurred around 13,000 years ago that is said to have wiped out many of the mammals in North America.

The theory uses the evidence that are called nanodiamonds. They are found in 13000-year-old sediments across North America. These nanodiamonds are buried at a level that corresponds to extinction of the woolly mammoths and other mammals in North America as a well as the disappearance of the Paleo Indians at the beginning of the Younger Dryas, a 1,300-year-long cold spell.

"The nanodiamonds that we found at all six locations exist only in sediments associated with the Younger Dryas Boundary layers, not above it or below it," said Kennett, a UO archaeologist. "These discoveries provide strong evidence for a cosmic impact event at approximately 12,900 years ago that would have had enormous environmental consequences for plants, animals and humans across North America." (Science Daily)

In the study, published in Science [subscription required], researchers used transmission electron microscopy to identify nanodiamonds at a number of North American sites, from Arizona to South Carolina to Manitoba, Canada. “We’ve discovered nano-diamonds that are not normally produced through average processes on the surface of the Earth,” said [study coauthor] James Kennett…. “They indicate there was an extra-terrestrial event on Earth 12,900 years ago” [BBC News]. The tiny diamonds are encased in carbon spheres that form through instantaneous melting, and the diamond crystals have a hexagonal pattern rather than the usual cubic structure, indicating that they were formed by intense heat and pressure. Such diamond crystals have been found only within meteorites and at impact craters, the researchers say. (Discover Magazine)

Craters in Wyoming
Coincidentally, 13,000 years ago is also the time period that another catastrophic event is reported to have occurred. One that I learned about during my vacation at a historic landmark that just happens to also be the home of a super volcano. Yellowstone Park, in Wyoming. Some also are saying that the super volcano is due to erupt again:

Because of this super volcano, the hot magma is so close to the crust of the earth at Yellowstone that pockets of rain water are constantly being heated up just below the earth's surface, causing hot springs and geysers throughout the park.

Susan F. at one of the hot springs at Yellowstone.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park

At Yellowstone, scientists also believe that around 13,000 years ago, Tsunami-like waves created by an earthquake may have triggered the world's largest known hydrothermal explosion(water or steam heated in an underground chamber until the top blows off). The Yellowstone researchers go on to say that the hydrothermal explosion created a three-mile wide crater that is now a portion of Yellowstone Lake called Mary Bay. Debris from the explosion has been found miles away.

Researchers also claim that over the last 14,000 years there have been 20 hydrothermal explosions in Yellowstone that mostly left craters bigger than football fields. They resulted in well-known Yellowstone landmarks such as Mary Bay, Turbid Lake and Indian Pond, all near the north edge of Yellowstone Lake. Strangely, the much larger craters located in Yellowstone are alot less known than "Old Faithful."

Even so, the time that these huge craters were made by hydrothermal explosions seems to coincide with the extra-terrestrial event evidenced by the nano-diamonds. Specifically, I wonder if nanodiamonds have been found in the 13,000 year old debris from the Mary Bay explosion? How about above or below it? I think whether or not they are would be significant information in the continuing nanodiamond research.

As a result, I am interested to know what if any research has been done in respect to the relation of the two events.

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  1. THANK YOU !!!!

    Evidence of a catastrophic world-wide event 13,000 years ago can be seen all over the planet, if you look, and if main stream science will open their eyes. Thank you for posing this information as further evidence. Blessings, Unci Anna