Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bears on Broad Street?

The Rosaires and their bears.

If you ever have gone to the About US page on, you will see that one of our objectives reads as follows:

"8.) By all of the above to further the great respect for nature inclusive of all its creatures, as illustrated in the lives of those who were the original inhabitants of the Twin Tier Region. With the conviction that S.R.A.C.'s program of activity heightens the values of environmental preservation to its present occupants."

As many of you know, SRAC has hosted many live animal and bird shows at our Center, and when a friend told me that there was a live bear show at the Tioga County Fair - I was there within hours...

The show was presented by the Rosaire family from Sarasota, Florida. They own a huge animal rescue, "Big Cat Habitat" with a motto, ""Respect, Love, Sanctuary for Life." They do shows in the northeast to build awareness about the preservation of these great animals during the summer season at fairs with some of their animals...This year it was all bears.

To learn more about what they do all year round, visit:

Personally, I was amazed at how much the bears seemed like my dogs to me....not in looks really, but how they loved their owners so much and seemed very happy to do a trick for a dog biscuit! (Yes I know - I am the one who will lose an arm someday at a zoo!) The Rosaires have been entertaining audiences with their rescued animals for 9 generations now and are renowned for their unique and respectful way of training and performing with wild animals. They double fence the bears and muzzle them for the show for public safety.

Well, you knew this was coming didn't you?

I couldn't stop myself, and when the show was over, I asked to talk to Derrick Rosaire, who to me is a real life Grizzly Adams. Right now we are waiting for the go ahead from the Village of Waverly for him and his boys to bring their bears to downtown Waverly on Saturday, August 22nd. I hope you will mark your calendars to meet Mr. Rosaire and his bears.

I also hope that you enjoy all of the different educational programs that SRAC has been able to provide the community since we have opened our doors.

Thank you for supporting SRAC and helping us to do what we do!

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