Sunday, June 16, 2013

We need your help.

I know what it is like to grow up in a small town. People get stuck in their own daily grind and they have grown used to shopping at Walmart in order to get their things and a nice trip the mall suffices for everything else. Things happen in your community that you miss totally, not because you are uncaring, but because you are just busy and have a routine...

So today I am asking you to consider breaking your routine and to take an afternoon this summer and to walk your downtown and to see what is there and what is going on. I am asking you to walk in the shops and to say hello to the shop keepers and to ask them about things that are coming up. I am asking you to take a weekend and to commit to stopping at your local museums and to take in what they have to share about your community heritage and to thank them for volunteering so that your community can share their commonality amongst their differences in their local history.

If you have been reading the updates from SRAC, that is what many of them are about, and we need your help in spreading this word and breaking the routine of your own busy lives by getting back in touch with your community.

We need you. 

Think your small town has nothing to offer? Instead of shopping online - shop your small town stores because most of the dollars spent go back in to your community and start helping it grow.

Instead of opening letters in the mail and sending donations out to huge organizations with huge budgets and salaries for their staff, go to your local museums and nonprofits and ask them what they do for your community and where their donations are spent, and begin to make a change that invests in your own community and your own quality of life.

Break the negative small town cycle. Without community support - small shops close for lack of local support, and sadly so do museums and non profits.

Make this change and you will see it make an impact right where you live; spread the word and make your small town succeed.

Please consider donating to SRAC's 2013 Giving Campaign. 

Your tax deductible donation will help to keep SRAC operating for the whole community to enjoy!

Send donations to:
SRAC Giving Campaign
345 Broad Street
Waverly, NY 14892
or click here

or donate items for our auction!

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