Monday, June 17, 2013

New Sterling Silver Jewelry Line in SRAC's Gift Shop

Ellen Sisco has been giving beading classes and selling her fine gemstone jewelry at SRAC for year, and when I asked her to consider bulking up her inventory at SRAC, she eyes brightened and a huge smile came acrossed her face.  Little did I know that Ellen had a huge inventory of sterling silver jewelry from doing vendor shows a few years back that she had in storage and was really looking for something to do with them.

How much jewelry are we talking about? Ellen had enough jewelry to fill a whole booth at the shows she went to. We have worked for four hours for 4 days tagging these items so far, and we still have a tone to go! AND - Ellen left the prices from when they were going to the vendor shows - giving us all incredible prices! (In fact Susan and I bought just for ourselves three bracelets, three rings and a necklace!)

And just like when you buy Fuddy Duddy's Fudge in our gift shop, SRAC makes a commission on every sale! So come on in and shop to your hearts content without guilt - because you are supporting your local nonprofit while doing it!

I want to personally thank Ellen for supporting SRAC over the years and for adding this incredible new line to our gift shop!

We have trays and trays of rings in all sizes!

These bracelets are amazing!

Ellen said that she can;t even afford to buy some of the gemstones in these pieces  anymore because they have gone way up !

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