Monday, September 17, 2012

SRAC Forced to Close It's Doors...How Could This Happen?

"SRAC is Forced to Close Their Doors" 

If you woke up today and saw this as the headline of the local newspaper - what would your thoughts be? The truth is that not all nonprofits like SRAC will make it in these tough economic times, and it is usually long after the fact when a community realizes what they lost. 

Your donation to SRAC will keep our prehistoric past alive for generations to come!

The SRAC Annual Giving Fund supports day-to-day operations of our Center located at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY. Contributions to this fund are vitally important to help the Center cover its general operating expenses each year. The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) is a 501c3, (nonprofit organization) and all of our funding comes from our membership, the revenues that we can generate at the Center, and donations from philanthropic organizations and generous individuals like you. In these hard economic times we need your support more than ever.

There are three options to donate $$ to the SRAC Giving Campaign:

2.) Want to Donate Online?  Click here

3.) Donate $100 or more and get FREE BOOK/POSTER! With a donation of $100 or more – You can get a  your choice of free limited edition hard cover book from Wennawoods Publishing while supplies last. Click here to learn more!

SRAC – A Unique Experience; an Exceptional Organization.
•    100% volunteer staffing
•    over 50 community events a year
•    open five days a week, year round
•    FREE field trips for all local schools
•    over 300 members
•    thousands of artifacts

Other Ways to Support SRAC:
Gifts to the SRAC Annual Giving Fund are welcomed in any amount and are tax deductible. Donors who give to the fund are recognized in the SRAC Journal – SRAC’s periodic publication.

Matching Gifts:
Many companies offer Matching Gift programs for charitable contributions made by their employees, which could double your gift to the Center.  Please contact your employer’s Human Resources Department for information.

Tax Benefits for Donating Items:
Private Collections: SRAC will accept private collections (artifacts, books, etc) or will work with collectors for a future donation of an artifact collection and will preserve and use them to benefit the community in the education of our local history for many generations to come.

Items for Resale: Certain items donated to SRAC can be resold for a donation.  From items that we can resell in our gift shop to eBay, SRAC would be happy to talk to you about items that you may want to donate to SRAC for resale.  Once items are sold, we will be happy to provide documentation of the resale value tax purposes.  Please talk to your accountant for additional information concerning the tax deductions available for the items that you want to donate.

If you would like to contribute to the SRAC Annual Giving Campaign but need more answers, please contact Deb Twigg, Executive Director and Co-Founder of SRAC at 607-727-3111

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