Friday, September 21, 2012

9th Annual Drumbeats Through Time

9th Annual DrumBeats Through Time Schedule:

11:30 – Membership Meeting (Members Only)

1pm - Doors Open and event is FREE to the Public!
1:30pm: David Oestreicher, PhD :The Lenape: Lower New York's First Inhabitants - In this lively and engaging talk sponsored by NYS Humanities, David M. Oestreicher combines archaeological and historical evidence with decades of firsthand ethnographic and linguistic research among present-day Lenape traditionalists, to arrive at a full picture of the Lenape from prehistory to the present.

2:30 pm Martha Sempowski, PhD - Changing Styles of Smoking Pipes Used By Seneca Iroquois A.D. 1550-1800 - This talk will consist of a slide-illustrated overview of smoking pipes from Seneca Iroquois village sites spanning a 250 year period from the mid-sixteenth to the late eighteenth centuries. It will focus on some of the most obvious changes in the motifs and styles represented in smoking pipes, as reflected in well-dated archaeological collections curated at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. **Members and the general public are invited to bring their collections of beads and pipes for display and review at this event!

3:30pm Seneca Buffalo Creek Dancers - The Seneca Buffalo Creek Dance Group began in 1988 and is well known for being very proficient in their traditional Iroquois Social Dances. Many of the dancers in this group have won dance competitions for their particular categories at Pow Wow's across the country

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