Friday, May 11, 2012

Weird Skull Sculpture at SRAC

Today I made Tom go on a trip as the result of a story I heard this morning about a "stone skull" that was owned by a local person. This afternoon we ended up at John Mann's house and in the end - asked him loan the weird artifact to SRAC, since he told us that he has just had it sitting on his back porch railing as a conversation piece...

John explained to us that he dug it up under 5 feet of soil in Athens, PA (near the Athens bridge area and on the west side is the general area - sorry I cannot be more specific for obvious reasons!) He found it around 15 years ago and he says it just dropped out of the bank he was digging. (I was told by someone else that he used to carry it around in his truck and even had a name like "George" for it!)

Because it is a rock - it is VERY HARD to figure out how old it is, who made it, or who put it there; but I think people will love being able to see it. For that reason - John agreed to let us place it on display in the SRAC exhibit hall while I have some emails out to some specialists to try to help us figure it out. But you can stop in and see it for yourself and tell us what you think too! (We are open 1- 5pm Tuesdays thru Fridays and 11-5pm Saturdays!)

Here are some pictures - - but they don't do it justice:

Thank you John Mann for allowing the community to enjoy this wonderful piece for a while!

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