Friday, May 4, 2012

Sayre's 4th Graders Take a Trip Back in Time at SRAC

Sayre's 4th graders gaze at the woolly mammoth remains
(Waverly, NY) All of the 4th graders from H. Austin Snyder Elementary school in Sayre, PA took a trip back in time at their recent field trip to the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) in Waverly, NY.

The 4th grade curriculum for PA and NY includes the studies of Native American history and cultures and for that reason has become the time when most local school students attend a free field trip to SRAC. The Sayre field trip this year was filled with new information and things to see and touch around every corner.

Dick Cowles explains early trade in our region
The students rotated through 4 stations, "Woolly Mammoths" with Ted Keir, "Early European Trade" with Dick Cowles, "Native American Children's Stories" with Jack Andrus, and a rotation to be able to shop in the SRAC gift shop - each 20 minutes long. Once all of the groups had rotated through each station, they gathered in the SRAC lecture hall where they gathered for the ever popular "Stump the Chumps" contest where one group walked away with special gift bags from SRAC for every student.

Ted Keir explains the life of a woolly mammoth
But the fun didn't end there. Before exiting for their buses, every student was given an actual local artifact called a "net sinker" to keep as a memento from their field trip by SRAC's Ted Keir personally.

SRAC's cofounder, Deb Twigg commented, "This was the 8th year for the school's 4th grade field trip held by SRAC. This year, I have to say that the kids were even more excited than any of the other years before. I want to thank all of the teachers that help make this such a wonderful experience for the kids and our staff every year."

Jack Andrus tells Native American children stories
SRAC is dedicated to education, research and preservation of the region's archaeological and historical assets for the communities within the Twin Tier Region of Southeastern NY and Northeastern PA.

SRAC is located at 345 Broad Street Waverly, NY and is staffed 100% by volunteers and is funded by the revenues they make at the Center, memberships and donations from philanthropic organizations and individuals like you. If you want to support the Center and efforts like these in the community, please consider taking part in the 2012 SRAC Giving Campaign - the funds go directly back into the general expenses to keep the Center alive. For more information, visit

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