Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank You Wennawoods Publishing!

In 2011 SRAC received many great donations and we are thankful for all of you that support us year after year - without you - we couldn;t do what we do!

We wanted to remind you about the new book titles and artwork that we received in 2011 from Wennawoods Publishing's Ron and Kris Wenning! Stop in and see the new items and see why SRAC has the THE BEST selection of high quality, hard cover historical books in the region because of them!

Here's the newest title from Wennawoods now available at SRAC:


Beginning on a section of the North Branch of Susquehanna River about 100 miles west of New York City, The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley is a long and complex story. Amid William Stone’s chapters and magnificent review of this river valley land called Wyoming, the history would not be complete without including the near 100 pages on over 10,000 years of Susquehanna River Indian history. The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley ends with 30 years of intermittent bloody clashes leaving the surviving families to rebuild the once beautiful Wyoming Valley into the river valley it would become today. This is the valley's story.The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley and the Battle of Wyoming are clearly some of the most fascinating times in early Pennsylvania history. This 18th century time in the Wyoming valley played out simultaneously amid several ongoing major events. Wrapped around the French and Indian War and the American Revolution was the little know Yankee-Pennamite Wars. With the French & Indian War pitting British interest against the French and Indians; and the American patriots struggling against the British for American independence, these little know Pennamite Wars wore heavy on the land along the Susquehanna River for 30 years as Native Americans, British sympathizers, and American frontier settlers all battled each other for control of this picturesque land valley called Wyoming. Scattered along the Susquehanna, both Loyalists and Patriots differed in their perceptions of the country and its future and this line between Patriot and Loyalist was not always sharply drawn. Imagine, Connecticut Yankees, fighting American patriot interests; Pennsylvania Patriots fighting British interest, and the Connecticut Yankees and Pennsylvania Patriots fighting each other for control of the Wyoming Valley. This tug of war between the Connecticut Yankees and the Pennsylvania Patriots, often pitted neighbor against neighbor, with circumstances frequently dictating ones choice. Whether you were a Loyalist from Connecticut who supported the British in North America or a Pennsylvania’s Patriot who wanted a new country, free of British rule; this struggle for independence in the Wyoming Valley was very difficult times at best for all. All this happening because of undecided land claims to the Wyoming Valley by conflicting grants from Charles II to both the British Loyalist of Connecticut and the Patriots of Pennsylvania of William Penn.

Visit other interesting chapters in the book about Francis Slocum and her capture by the Indians. Read how the Susquehanna land company was formed to help settle these conflicting land claims, only to lead to more turmoil. Learn how the Seneca and British rangers' massacre of settlers at the Battle of Wyoming helped fanned the flames of American Independence; and how General Sullivan’s retaliatory campaign of death and destruction by his troops through the Wyoming Valley into New York State because of the massacre at Wyoming, settled once and for all, the disputed ownership of this beautiful valley.The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley was originally published in 1844 and republished in 1868 as Wyoming and its History. We have chosen to republish this book about the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania, as it was the scene of 30 years of some of the bloodiest mini-wars of the time, the Yankee-Pennamite Wars. We have chosen to leave out the poem Gertrude of Wyoming from the 1868 edition but included its most important part, nearly 100 pages of footnotes from the poem based on 1st hand information. This is the fascinating story of The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley. 360 pp Hardback, Complete with Index, Notes from the poem Gertrude of Wyoming, Original Deed Info, and Sir William Johnson’s Diary,..............….$44.95   

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