Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SRAC Receives $10,000 from the Allen Pierce Foundation

SRAC received $10,000 from the Allen Pierce Foundation today. We want to thank the Foundation for their continued support since we were incorporated in 2005. Without them, SRAC would never have survived their early years and certainly would not have continued to grow so steadily in recent years. Foundations like these sometimes go unnoticed to the people in our communities - - but we can tell you personally that you would undoubtedly notice if they did not exist.

You just need to look around at your local museums and libraries and ask yourself how they can pay their bills every year - and without fail - there has been a foundation or two that have supported these things in your community.
Co Founders of SRAC - Ted Keir, Deb Twigg, and Dick Cowles
Thank you Allen Pierce Foundation - for all you do for SRAC and our communities!

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