Sunday, April 24, 2011

SRAC Quick Notes

There is ALWAYS Something Going on at SRAC! So much so that I am going to send all of you a quick list of things that we are doing!

  • Sayre's Snyder School 4th grade field trip to SRAC has been scheduled for later in May.
  • Bears on Broad Street has been scheduled for August 13 & 14th. We are in discussions with WBA in how we could have the community have events all around Waverly and have "bus stop-like" areas in town where people can get rides to different activities. Stay tuned!
  • Additional security cameras have been added to the SRAC Gift Shop to allow the volunteers to have views of the entire shop from the counter. (These were donated.)
  • On May 3rd, we have national award winning storyteller Kate Dudding coming to SRAC. We also are sponsoring her to appear at the Elderwood Senior Facility earlier that day for the residents using the remaining $150 from our Tioga Seniors Foundation grant.
  • Tons of new rocks and minerals have been added in the SRAC gift shop
  • Nationally renowned author Ed Lenik will be speaking this coming Saturday (April 30th at 2pm) and will be donating a box of rare books to add to our SRAC book collection.
  • The SRAC Giving Campaign is underway and in the first few weeks, over a dozen businesses and 22 individuals have donated with 12 individuals taking advantage of the free book offer from Wennawoods.
  • The Waverly Business Association has contracted for billboards, radio ads, trifolds, and a new website and SRAC will be given space on each as a member of the WBA in their campaign, "Discover Waverly" which will highlight the little known treasures in Waverly, NY.
  • SRAC is still looking for funding to replace the air conditioning system - if you know of anyone who can help us - please contact me.
  • I will be presenting "Social Media and Online Marketing for Your Small Business or Non Profit" this Thursday at SRAC. It is free to attend and is in response to requests for me to share how I use the web to promote SRAC.
  • SRAC has recently gained its three hundred and third member.
  • SRAC has teamed up with the Sayre and Waverly Libraries to offer a free event for Valley Kids each month this summer. We are calling this "Valley Kids Day!" and the kids at the libraries even made us a logo! SRAC's event will be July 2nd and be puppeteer, Tom Knight!
  • SRAC added a radio receiver (Just $15 from Broad Street Records!) to our sound system to be able to play local radio in our Center.
  • Jim Nobles has scanned hundreds of rare photographs, slides, newspaper clippings and postcards in our collections office every Tuesday and Thursday for months in preparation for his upcoming "History of Sayre" presentation on July 5th at SRAC! (He should be doing another book as well!)
  • SRAC member and flint napper Dan Johnson has napped several beautiful arrow and spear heads (with his initials on them so that nobody thinks they are artifacts) and donated them to be sold in our Gift Shop! Thanks Dan!
  • Susan is working on the SRAC Journal and we hope to have that out to our membership very soon!
  • NY State Archaeology Chapter from Orange County will be coming to SRAC in May to have a joint meeting with us and the Andaste Chapter.
  • Reminder - SRAC lengthened their Saturday hours to 10am to 5pm.
See I told you there is always something going on!

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