Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Visit at The Watering Hole....

The Mammoth exhibit mural #1 is just a few days from completion. Although there is alot more that will be created around it and in front of it to include the excavation site with the ten foot long woolly mammoth tusk, teeth and jaw, and another even larger mural yet to be created by Peter, I cannot help but want to show you the 13 foot wide mural as Peter Quiles continues his work.

Here is the sketch of the entire exhibit we are working on:

Again - SRAC members are invited to stop in and show their membership cards and ask to go back and see the exhibit that is not open to the public until it is completed.

If you are interested in supporting this project - please send donations to:

SRAC Wooly Mammoth Exhibit
PO Box 12
Sayre, PA 18840

Thank you for supporting SRAC in whatever way you choose to and stay tuned for more updates soon!

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