Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lincoln Street School at SRAC Today

Waverly's Robin Blauvelt and her 4th grade class

Waverly's Cathie Hand and her 4th grade class

The 4th graders at Lincoln St, School made a visit to SRAC today - and we had a wonderful time together! Thanks again to Robin Blauvelt and Cathie Hand - two great 4th grade teachers who shared in all of the fun and learning throughout the event!

And did I tell you what a great line up we had in store for the kids today? Thanks to our guys at SRAC for spending their time and knowledge to make today's event a wonderful childhood memory for many kids that they would not have made without you!

Station #1 - "The Woolly Mammoth" by Ted Keir, SRAC

Station #2 - "Early European Contact with the Indians" - by Dick Cowles, SRAC

Station #3 - "Native American Children's Stories" - by Jack Andrus, SRAC

Thanks to ALL of you for making today a special memory for me as well!

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  1. We had a wonderful time. The kids learned so much. Thank you for having us! We will highly recommend you to others!