Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drumbeats 2014 - Saturday October 25th!

The eleventh annual SRAC Drumbeats 2014 has been scheduled for Saturday October 25th at the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY. If you are an SRAC member and plan to attend this event - please RSVP by calling 607-565-7960. We are getting commemorative gifts for all attendees so we would appreciate it. 

The event start off with an exclusive SRAC Membership Meeting/Luncheon from 11-12:30pm and members are reminded to make sure to call the Center at 607-565-7960 in order to reserve your place(s) at this meeting in order to receive your special 2014 commemorative gift and other great prizes! SRAC Co-Founder, local historian, avocational archaeologist and rock and mineral specialist Ted Keir will also be celebrating his 90th birthday at this event as well.

If you cannot attend but would like to donate to the Ted Keir Fund which will be used to support Native American artifact collection preservation and exhibitions at SRAC, Just click here - you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card and is tax deductible.

The doors will open to the public at 1pm.The highlighted speaker will be SRAC's professional advisor, Dr.DeeAnne Wymer from Bloomsburg University who will be presenting “The Snake Den Group” a newly discovered Hopewell hilltop enclosure site that her team has been excavating in Ohio  that has many resemblances a well-known  site in South Waverly, called Spanish Hill.

Seneca Native American representative/ cultural speaker Richard Kane will be the second speaker at the event and will sharing Native American cultural and historical information while exhibiting many items for the audience to enjoy.

As it has become SRAC”s annual  tradition the event will close singing and dances by the authentic Native American " Seneca Buffalo Creek" dancers.

The event is free to attend and tours through the SRAC museum will be free throughout the day’s event. 

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