Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SRAC Giving Campaign Option - Donate Items for Resale

First of all I want to thank all of you who generously support SRAC through donations, volunteerism and in so many ways - without all of you - we could not survive. We have a modest savings account and are working hard to continue to be open 5 days a week with 100% volunteer staffing - but because of all of you - we have never lost faith that we could keep our doors open and our mission alive! But we still need your help!

Many items in this case at the Co-op have been donated to SRAC to raise funds!
I just wanted to remind all of you that even though Waverly's Attic is over - we will still come to your home and pick up used furniture, household goods, stereo systems, old album collections, tools and even outdoor equipment or whatever else you may be thinking you want to get rid of but is just not ready to be put on the curb. This is because we are selling things every day now at the Crooked River Co-op - which I started last October and has become quite a popular shop with over 30 members that add inventory to the shop and paying a sales commission. This allows me to support SRAC in a new way - and that is by taking the items that you donate and selling them in the Co-op - and nt charging ANY SALES COMMISSION - but giving SRAC 100% of whatever we can sell your items for.

In fact in August, SRAC raised $593 dollars just at the Co-op on items donated and sold there! But this will only continue to work if we continue to get more items in to sell - So please help us by spreading the word and telling anyone who wants to get rid of anything that we can sell to contact us - And remember if it is too big for them to bring in themselves to just call me at 607-727-3111 and we will arrange a pick up.

Thanks for spreading the word and your continued support!

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