Monday, April 14, 2014

SRAC Attends the NYSAA Archaeological Conference

SRAC's Susan Fogel and Danc Caister sold several books at the book table!
What a GREAT weekend at the NYS Archaeology Association conference. A few highlights in clude that we had a collection donated to us, sold a bunch of books and gave away tons of newsletters and brochures, got two speakers, was thanked by the person running the whole conference for being there during his opening speech, had a conversation with the past president of NYSAA about him donating his book collection to us... 

Dan Noble moved out of the region long ago but still had several cases of artifacts from his family's farm in Newark Valley which he donated to us at the conference this weekend. His daughter and grandkids know that they can come and see this collections whenever they want now in their family name and with this picture right with it.

I can honestly say that you would be amazed at how much respect SRAC has by the New York State Archaeological Association members throughout the state. 
I presented my latest research at the conference and had alot of really great feedback and support from scholars around the state.

It was a humbling experience to be around these people that have written so much of what I have studied over the years- and I was very proud to know that they respect the work we are doing at SRAC.

Right now SRAC is in need of more volunteers and funding to help us continue to do what we do for our community and the pursuit of preserving our Native American past. I do hope that you consider supporting the center in any way that you can. We are all volunteers and appreciate your support. Click here to learn more.

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