Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pine Needle Basket Making Class April 12th

Would you like to learn how to make items the way Native Americans did for centuries – with long
pine needles collected from nature? If so, be sure to sign up for this class made available by The Crooked River Artisan Co-Op at 358 Broad Street in Waverly, NY on April 12th from 1-4pm. This class focuses on materials and tools, construction, and finishing. Baskets and pots are not the only things you can make with pine needles; you can also create picture frames, lampshades, and other decorative items. But first, you must learn the basics. This fun-filled class will introduce you to them. Cost is $45 which includes instruction and materials. Taught by Carol Lukovich of Vestal, NY. To enroll email Deb@teaoga.com, or call 607-565-7329.

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