Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Spanish Hill and Carantouan" To Be Presented Tuesday August 6th

"Carantouan" shown on 1632 map

Who were the first Europeans to have entered the Valley? Who was Stephen Brule - the namesake of "Camp Brule"? What does "Carantouan" mean? What was Spanish Hill used for by the Native Americans who lived here? All of these questions and more will be answered on Tuesday, August 6th from 6:30 - 7:30pm at the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY by author and local historian, Deb Twigg as she presents, "Spanish Hill and Carantouan."

Nearly 400 years ago, the Native Americans living in the Valley were visited by strangers from a far away land and their lives were about to be changed forever. Go back to that time and see how different our Valley was and who the people were that lived here. Twigg's presentation will unfold the story and show the data that she used to prove our area was in fact "Carantouan" in an article published in the "Pennsylvania Archaeologist" journal in 2005, overturning prior archaeological stances on the topic and still standing unchallenged by archaeologists today.

Visitors are invited to come early as there is limited seating for this event, and to take time to visit the SRAC Exhibit Hall before the presentation. A general admission donation is requested of $6, with SRAC members $4, and students free, and admission to the Exhibit Hall is free during the event.

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