Friday, February 8, 2013

NYS Museum and SRAC Team Up - Again!

The NYS Museum Research & Collections Department and SRAC have had a close relationship for years. From about five years ago when Ted, Susan and I went there and recorded all of their Native American artifacts from our area to them doing several presentations at SRAC over the years, and even allowing me to go through all of their collections last year in my latest research on the faces that I will present about March 5th, we are all on a first name basis and very good friends.

So when I called Ralph Rataul a few weeks ago about a huge collection that was donated by member Ron Arnold, he was happy to come down and help us go through it and figure out a plan of how to start the cataloging process. Thanks to Ralph and Merideth Young for driving down form Albany and spending the day with us!

Here are some pictures I took:

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