Sunday, July 15, 2012

1 time offer to Current SRAC Members ONLY

SRAC is offering it's current members an exclusive chance to purchase a piece of our local history and vintage art in the form of 1970's Saarinen Tulip chairs with aluminum base.

They have been discussed nationwide by collectors here::

SRAC is making this offer to its members for just $99 per chair. (SRAC has sold these chairs for as much as $250 per chair recently.) Many will remember sitting in these chairs in the Guthrie Clinic waiting areas several decades ago.

Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956, this functional work of art represents the most important classics in modern furniture history. It featured a sculptural continuous seat and back which rested on a curved tapered base that became a key character trait of the pedestal series. The chair is often considered "space age" for its futuristic use of curves and artificial materials. The design was popularized by its use on the original Star Trek television series (1966-69). Saarinen's tulip chair won the prestigious Museum of Modern Art Award in 1969, the Federal Award for Industrial Design in 1969 as well as the Design Center Stuttgart Award in 1962. The chairs at SRAC are vintage pieces of art created by the Kreuger Company in the 1970's - in fact the Kreuger company (from Wisconsin) who made these specific chairs now at SRAC recently bought a set of four from us for their own museum!

The chairs at SRAC were donated by the Guthrie Clinic in 2008, and have been in use in our lecture hall since then. However, while nice and comfortable, they are cumbersome to move and store and are just not the right chairs for an ever changing event space. We recently received a donation from the Waverly Community Chest to pay 1/2 of the amount needed to purchase replacement chairs, and have been selling the chairs for the past 6 months on ebay for as much as $250 per chair.

Now we have decided that our members should have a chance to get a piece of nostalgia and vintage art as well for a VERY low price of $99 per chair for only a short time and while supplies last. (see compared pricing here **NOTE: many of these are not vintage!: )

If you are a CURRENT SRAC MEMBER we will let you come and pick out your chair(s)and take it home that day! New members can join SRAC and take advantage of this offer - but you will be limited to 4 chairs to filter out bulk resales.

We are happy to sell more than 4 chairs to non-members at $170 per chair which is still a great deal. Pick up only.

Contact me asap to ensure availability!

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