Thursday, March 29, 2012

SRAC - Many Changes Underway!


As many of you know - we just ended the Eastern Africa exhibit that we put on display in the huge SRAC lecture hall for 6 weeks in February and part of March. During that time, we not only took out the 70-some chairs in the lecture hall, but we also emptied and removed just about all of the display cases there as well.

Combine this with the fact that we acquired 6 new cases during that time and you can start to see that some areas in SRAC are going to look quite a bit different in the coming weeks - The lecture hall alone will be filled with new exhibits to include precious minerals, incredible fossils and even sea corals, etc...We are even updating and changing some of the exhibits in the Native American Exhibit hall and have added a new case/exhibit with clothing and historic goods.
New display in the SRAC Exhibit Hall
That display area will also soon be surrounded by many new collectable prints by Robert Griffing based on historic and Revolutionary War times in our region and donated by Ron and Chris Wenning of Wennawoods Publishing:
Preparing to Meet the Enemy - by Robert Griffing
Lastly, we are also upgrading our gift shop with hundreds of new items and displays as well - to include removing the current checkout counter and installing a huge circular visitor center / counter to greet customers as they walk in our doors!

So if you haven't been in SRAC in a while, get ready to be amazed yet again by at all that we can accomplish when good people do good thing together. We are 100% volunteer staffed and most of our changes are due to good people supporting us in whatever way they can ! Want to be a part? Click here to learn more! or donate to SRAC's Giving Campaign here!

Hope to see you soon!

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