Friday, February 24, 2012

Torrey Family Donates Large Flint Blade to SRAC

SRAC's Collections Team member Tom Vallilee and Dorothy Torrey hold the blade
(WAVERLY) Dorothy Torrey of Berkshire, NY recently donated a large flint blade to the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC)  in Waverly, NY. The unique blade was found on the Torrey farm many years ago, and Dorothy wanted to make sure that it was saved for future generations to enjoy.The blade which will from now on be referred to as the "Torrey/SRAC Blade" is already on display in SRAC's Exhibit Hall for visitor's to enjoy.

Flint blade found in Berkshire, NY

SRAC's co-founder, Deb Twigg said, "We have saved 18 local collections to date and each collection will always have the family's name and photo associated with it in our Exhibit Hall so that it not only preserves the Native American history and provenance attached to it, but the name and photo of the family who did the right thing and saved it for the community to enjoy. What people need to remember is that SRAC bought the building and put in display cases, but it our community that really fills them."

SRAC is located at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY and is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 11am-5pm throughout the year. People interested in donating their local artifact collections are urged to stop in or call Deb Twigg at (607) 727-3111 to learn more.

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