Sunday, October 16, 2011

DrumBeats 2011 - A HUGE SUCCESS!

We want to thank the hundreds of people who attended this year's 8th Annual DrumBeats Through Time - a free event that SRAC puts on in order for the community to celebrate our Native American heritage - past, present and future.

Pam Jacobsen attended the event and sent me a note after attending DrumBeats - "I also want to say thank you to all that made today at SRAC possible. The members were treated to a wonderful meal, great meeting and a some great prizes. Al Parker a Seneca Nation historian gave an awesome presentation...One of the most interesting history/life lessons I've ever heard.... So if you are not yet a member..become one. If you've never been to the SRAC in Waverly, you are missing out on the best thing to hit Waverly in the 40+ years I have lived here. There is something for everyone at SRAC. It was a Great Day!!"

To view a slideshow from the event - Click Here

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