Thursday, June 9, 2011

Valley Kids Day: Tom Knight, Puppeteer at SRAC July 2nd

The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) will be hosting the one of a three part “Valley Kids Day” series in conjunction with the Sayre and Waverly Libraries. The ever popular “Tom Knight’s Puppet Show” will appear at SRAC at 345 Broad Street in Waverly on Saturday, July 2nd from 2 - 3pm. The event is free for the public to attend.

Tom Knight has been writing and performing for kids from prekindergarten to 4th grade since 1988. Based in Ithaca, New York, Tom brings his portable stage and hand-made puppets to schools, libraries, theaters and festivals all throughout the Northeast. The show is a vibrant collection of original songs and skits, each 3-5 minutes long, with variety enough to keep even the very youngest children waiting to see what will happen next. While Tom sings to pre-recorded music tracks, puppets like Henry the Magician, the Little Elephant, Andy the Recycling Guy, and Allie the Alligator act out the stories of the songs. Besides the visual appeal, almost every segment has a part for the audience, including hand motions, singing along, or doing simple dance steps. Some of Tom s favorite themes are animals, food, environmental science, and the importance of reading. With catchy melodies and playful lyrics, Knight songs are easy to remember, fun to sing, and often educational. His songs can be heard on his CDs, including When I Grow Up, Don t Kiss a Codfish, Easy as Pie, The Library Boogie, and his latest: The Classroom Boogie!

SRAC’s Deb Twigg commented, “We are proud to offer this free event as a part of the “Valley Kids Day” series along with the Sayre and Waverly Libraries. Each of us will hold one free children’s event for our community this year as a part of this new series - so stay tuned for the great events to be held at the Sayre and Waverly locations as well this summer.”

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