Thursday, January 13, 2011

Renovations Continue at SRAC

For the past few months - we have been cleaning out the basement at SRAC. When we purchased the building in December 2007 (just three years ago!)- the basement was jam packed with old mildewed shelving and Dollar Store garbage. But folks - we are already outgrowing our main floor - and we needed to start making space for more things that we want to do at the Center - so that is what we are gong to do!

SRAC Basement Project:

Phase 1: Tom Vallilee has been working hard and long days for months getting the garbage out of the cellar which in the end filled TWO HEAPING 30-Yard dumpsters! (thank goodness we kept the conveyor belt!) COMPLETED.

Phase 2: We hired an industrial cleaning service today to scrub and wet vac the whole floor area (5,000 square feet!) COMPLETED.

Phase 3: We will be having the cement floor sealed and painted. IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO...

Phase 4: We will have all of the walls sealed and painted. IN THE COMING MONTHS

Phase 5: We will begin remodeling the space to facilitate classrooms, a workshop, storage space and still more space yet to be determined! Remember that this is the same size as the whole space we are using at the Center all over again so we have alot of space to work with! BY SUMMERTIME

Some of you may remember shopping in our basement when the building was Philly Sales! So get ready to revisit it again very soon but with no paint and supplies, lighting, or hardware areas!

In the meantime - - I hope that you enjoyed the pictures from today's floor cleaning and note the size of this space we are about to take on! (Did I mention that we are 100 % staffed by volunteers???)

SRAC - - - Where there is ALWAYS something going on!

Anyone that is interested can send donations to support this effort to SRAC Renovations Fund, PO Box 12, Sayre, PA 18840. (At SRAC - - just a little bit goes a LOOOONG way!)

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