Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pennies DO COUNT!

It's not too late to support the Lincoln Street 4th graders by voting for your favorite projects at SRAC!

After finishing their curriculum on Native American history, each student was asked to do a project that represents what they have learned. These projects are now on display at SRAC at 345 Broad Street in downtown Waverly, NY. The public is invited to cast votes for their favorite projects - with the top three winners to be on display at SRAC for the next year.

Votes are cast with pennies and spare change that are collected in containers placed beside each project. These conatiners will eventually return to the school where the students will count the "votes." These winners will be announced at a ceremony at SRAC during the school's Christmas vacation.

Many people may not realize that local schools are having budgetary problems that have even threatened being able to afford bussing for field trips to include SRAC that is just blocks away. For this reason it is important for us at SRAC and the community to spread the word about this event now taking place and to do what we can to support our schools. It's an easy way to support the kids for their efforts and the great teachers for their very active role in their learning experience.

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